Back to School: A cord tangle-free backpack is the way to go to school this year

Laptops, tablets, and smartphones are just a few of the devices you bring to school these days. Accompanying these are their corresponding chargers, which can end up a tangled mess inside your bag. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a mobile wire organizer that could keep all of them together?

Gadget and Cord Organizer

As a student in this growing, technological world, you bring along a plethora of gadgets that make learning and studying a lot easier. You need a power bank to ensure your phone retains a lot of juice, so you can be reached at all times. It's handy to have as well when you are not near any electrical socket. Files are equally important as a student, and in this day and age, you most likely own more digital files. So, you either carry a thumb drive along with you at all times or have an even bigger storage solution, like a portable hard drive. Sometimes, you also need to listen to audio files or watch clips on YouTube to understand a topic better. Rather than disturb your neighbors at a cafe or the school library, you bring along earphones so you can listen and not be glared at. All these gadgets and their accompanying cords need to be stored in one neat place so you don't end up rummaging through your bag, looking for every single item you need. With the Pocket for Travel, you not only have a trusty mobile wire organizer, but also a compact pouch that fits in many bags. Plus, not only is it great for school, you can take it along on travels as well. The Pocket features elastic bands that holds cables separately. The mesh pocket allows you see all the other gadgets you've brought along. If you want to be extra tidy with the cords, you can get an attachable cable wrap for keeping earphones in order.

Effective Cord Management

The life of a student is chaotic enough, what with the lectures to attend, the pages to read, the papers to write, and a social life to maintain. With lots of thing going on, you need to have other aspects of your life in order. You don't want to be dealing with tangled cords when you have a video clip to watch that could help you better understand a topic that was discussed in class. Effective cord management is possible, and items like the Binditz Mini for Mobile help make student life easier. If you know someone who could use a little help with cords, getting them an attachable cable wrap makes a useful and practical present. Making sure to practice cord management as a student will help you greatly when you take the leap towards the professional world. Start being organized now and you won't have much trouble adjusting as you move on in life. So, if you are someone who brings a ton of gadgets to school or know someone who does, why not get a Pocket or a Binditz for a tangle-free backpack?