Back To School: Making The Most Out Of Your College Dorm Space

As the new school year approaches, the thrill of starting college is often accompanied by the excitement of having a new space to decorate and call your own.  While a college dorm setup may not come with a ton of space, there are plenty of dorm room organization ideas that will transform the space into a cozy haven.  With strategic planning, creative storage ideas, and a clutter-free entertainment system, maximizing a small dorm space will be a breeze.

1. Plan The Space

The first step in maximizing small dorm spaces is to plan things out before you begin.  The last thing you want to do is come home with an 85” TV only to realize you have no place to put it.  Get out the measuring tape and start writing down how much available space you have.  Take into account the layout and flow of the room, writing down any outlets and preexisting furniture that have to be worked around.  Once you know what you’re working with, you can figure out how to fill the rest of the space.

2. Find Multi-Functional Furniture

The best furniture for a college dorm setup is furniture that serves multiple purposes.  For example, a futon or a sofa bed can be used as a couch during the day and an additional sleeping area at night.  You can buy storage ottomans to double as both a place to sit and a way to store your stuff.  Your desk can double as both a dorm room gaming setup or a computer station depending on your needs.  Don’t underestimate the power of a comfortable lounge chair for studying, relaxing, and gaming.

3. Get Creative With Storage

While most dorms have closets of some kind, they’re hardly built for bulk storage.  Make use of empty space in the form of under-bed storage bins and hanging shelves to keep your extra belongings organized and out of sight.  Vertical storage is also a great dorm room organization idea–over-the-door racks can hold things like shoes, towels, school supplies, and even cleaning supplies.

 If you’ve got cables, charges, and any other tech gear you need to bring back and forth to class, then consider a travel tech pouch like Folio.  It’s easily storable to keep on your shelf when you’re not using it, but small and portable enough to take with you to class when you need it.  The Folio comes in different models depending on how many tech gadgets you need to bring and whether or not you’re packing any tablets.

4. Create A Shared Entertainment Center

Chances are, you’ll be coordinating with your new roommate when it comes to the bigger pieces of furniture like a minifridge or a TV.  It’s a good idea to build a shared entertainment center to maximize a small dorm space and give you both a chance to relax and watch media together or on your own.  TV entertainment in a dorm room doesn’t have to involve a giant media console–you can place the TV on either a stable stand or wall mount to make the most use of space.  Just make sure you place it where it’s easily visible from the bed and any seating areas.

 Another great way to set up TV entertainment in your dorm room is to use cable management solutions to keep cords tidy and prevent clutter.  The Cable Station Pro comes with 5 slots to organize cords from the TV, gaming system, and any other media devices.  It’s even writable, allowing you to label which cable belongs to which.  If you’re trying to keep all the cables from your entertainment system grouped together, then a cable management like the Cable Slinky can be a huge help.  It can expand to fit both small and large cable bundles, keeping your wires out of the way and clutter-free.

5. Use Room Dividers

It’s hard to get privacy in a shared dorm room, but you can do it with a little planning.  Consider using room dividers or curtains to create separate spaces for privacy and personalization.  This could be a great way to turn your desk or computer station into a distraction-free study zone.  Or, if you set up your own dorm room gaming setup in the corner, then you can play in peace without disturbing your roommate.

6. Make The Most Of Your Computer Station

In a college dorm setup, chances are your computer station is going to be at your desk.  While the dorm usually provides the desk, you can still find ways to make your computer station your own.  Try to set it up near a window if possible, to make the most of natural light.  Put up pictures and mementos on the walls nearby to add a personalized touch to the space.  If you’re planning on gaming on your computer, make sure you invest in a comfortable chair.  Not only will it be good for gaming, but it will help you work and study comfortably for extended periods.

Like your entertainment system, you’ll want to keep your computer station clean and free of clutter.  Consider an under desk organizer like the In-Box to keep power strips covered and out of sight.  The In-Box organizer will hide surge protectors from sight while giving you easy access to wires if you need to plug or unplug anything.

 You’ll also want to create a tidy environment on your desk with a desktop organizer.  An organizer like the In-Box Charging Station will keep cords out of sight while providing you with a convenient mobile device holder for charging.  The In-Box Charging Station comes with three slots for charging your personal devices all in one place, making sure you never lose a charger when you need it.

 Follow these dorm room organization ideas to create the perfect studying and gaming setup for your dorm room.  With cable organizers and creative storage solutions keeping the space clean and clutter-free, you’ll be able to enjoy studying, lounging, and TV entertainment in your dorm room.