Back to School: Tips on Staying Organized

Back to school can be a time full of stress for students. From ensuring all the correct school supplies have been purchased to navigating their way through new coursework, it’s sure to bring a wave of overloaded emotions. Although this school year may look different for some, it’s always best to be prepared. One small task you can do to help avoid adding disorganization to the list of stressors is to make use of organizers! Organizers are great tools to have for sorting out messy backpacks. Not to mention, these organizers come in extremely handy when it comes to keeping a clean student workspace for students who are homeschooling or taking online classes. Check out these useful ways your student can be organized this school year!

Gather Chargers

How many times have you or your child lost an Airpod or misplaced a charger? It can be a task to keep track of small items. Try keeping your tablet chargers and Airpods safe with an electronics accessory case! No more worry of wrapping your cords and chargers in hopes that they don’t tangle with other items. This portable pouch is quick and easy to use with its snap spring closure and allows you to keep all of your products together and safe with its durable canvas.

For those with multiple devices, consider a larger pouch, such as the Pocket for Travel. The zipper compartment is perfect for storing miscellaneous supplies, such as a notebook or pen, along with straps that will secure all of your chargers. These charger cases easily slide into any backpack or purse, making your supplies easy to carry to and from school, work, or while on the road!

Keep Tech Accessories Organized

Digging for laptop cords or accessories in a backpack can be a nuisance, especially when trying to catch the next class or prepare for a meeting. Consider using a 2-in-1 Pocket for Laptop, a storage pouch for storing your charger and mouse. It keeps your items safe from shifting and scratching your laptop surface.

Another user-friendly tool to help keep your accessories organized is the Flexi Tie! Flexi Ties are a soft, flexible cable tie designed to bundle multiple cords or excess wires. These reusable cable ties are a lifesaver when it comes to organizing phone charger cords, helping them stay compact while in a backpack. Plus, Flexi Ties are available in multiple colors! Use various colors to bundle different cords, perfect to keep cable identifiers organized.

Maintain a Tidy Desk

Desk organization is just as important as a tidy backpack or briefcase. Maintaining a clean desk will increase work productivity, ensuring homework and projects are being completed efficiently. Consider bundling cables underneath your desk to keep the area organized and trip-hazard free. Gather your appliances, such as tablets or iPhones, for a charger station that can be placed on your desk. This keeps appliances in order, and designates them to a specific spot so they will never be misplaced. Plus, it’s an awesome way to keep your space clean and clutter free!