Black Friday & Cyber Monday: New desktops and electronics means more cables to organize around the house

Are you planning to buy new electronics and gadgets come Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

Make sure you also buy nifty wall cord management tools with them as well. Under desk cable management should be a priority at home or in the office, what with cluttered cables and wires one of the leading causes of slips, trips, or falls. Why put your life and the lives of the rest of your family at risk when you can do something about this?

Simply use a cable box or cable clips to enhance your home or office safety. Simply, being the operative word because you don۪t need to do a lot to make the environment you move in safe for you and everyone else.

How do you organize cables and wires for new electronics around the house?

Top Tools for Wall Cord Management

In-Box Cable Box

This is an organizer box where you can hide and store power strips and cables. Just lift the cover, hide messy cables and outlet power strips inside, replace the lid, and you۪re done. Your workplace at home and other areas around appliances and gadgets will look neat and well-organized. The In-Box Cable Box can accommodate the standard 6 to 12-outlet power strips and cables and wires of all sizes. It will easily fit below your desk, behind an entertainment center, and next to your computer.


Designed to conceal and protect small groups of cords, Cordline can be installed on walls to hide unsightly cables and wires that run from your new curved HDTV to a gaming station or to surround speakers.

Whether you choose a slim or wide configuration, depending on the number of cords you need to hide, your walls will look aesthetically pleasing. This is especially because you can paint over the cord cover to match the rest of your wall.


If you prefer a simpler accessory for wall cord management, you won۪t go wrong with D-Wings, nail-free cable clips that you can simply peel and stick on any flat surface. Use it to guide cords and keep them in one place.

These versatile clips work with lighting cords, holiday lights, audio/visual cords, and many others.

What is great about these self-adhesive cable clips is that they can easily fit around corners and can be painted over to match existing wall color or design.

Cable box or cable clips?

What you choose will depend on the cables and wires you need to conceal and protect. Most of the time, you will need a combination of both to keep cables out of the way. Make sure that, for every new electronics you get during Black Friday & Cyber Monday, you have a plan for cable management.

Where to get these wall cord management tools?

Get them from UT Wire, a leader in floor and wall cable management. The company provides innovative products for a better, more aesthetically pleasing, and well-organized way to protect wire and cables while ensuring safety for you and the rest of your family.