Halloween: Throwing a Costume Party? Cable Management Tips to Keep Everyone and Your Halloween Decorations Safe!

Cables and wires cluttered everywhere are one of the common causes of accidents at home and in an office. Injuries, some of which can be fatal, can result from tripping over wires and cables. Proper cable management is highly recommended, especially in places where the elderly and people with disabilities may frequent. Cords stretched across the floor without a cord cover is an accident waiting to happen. Cables without a cord protector lessen integrity and longevity for each time that cable is handled, stretched, and stepped on. The moment certain parts are frayed, the risk of accidents and injuries increases. What are the odds that you or someone else could get electrocuted? For this reason, floor cable management should be a priority, especially when planning to throw a Halloween costume party. With many people moving around in different outfits, someone could trip on a wire. In another scenario, someone۪s costume could get caught with the cable stretched across the floor, leading to several unwanted results.

How to Prevent Injuries and Accidents from Wires and Cables Use a Cord Protector Conceal and protect wires and cables running across the floor with a wire hider and cover. Choose one that is easy to use and install so cable management will not be a hardship. Make sure it has a low profile to keep slips and trips from happening. This is especially advantageous during a Halloween costume party when some people might be wearing pointy shoes.

You can also choose a compact cord protector that is highly flexible and durable, especially in an area where foot traffic is high. * Install a Cable Blanket If you prefer something easier and more versatile, opt for the Cable Blanket as a wire hider. As it is self-adhesive, you only need to peel and stick it over the cables on the floor that you want to hide and protect. Soft and flexible, you can cut the blanket to your desired length. Make sure to keep electrical cords short as this is one of the highly recommended electrical fire prevention measures. The last thing you want is to start a fire during a Halloween party.

Use a Cord Cover Don۪t just hide cables and wires across the floor. Do the same with those running from the appliances to the wall outlets. Doing so is not only for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes, but also for the protection of your devices. Just think; if someone accidentally pulls on the wires of the wall-mounted TV with enough force, the device could be flying over everyone۪s head. Summary Proper cable management is essential to prevent accidents and electrical fires. For better floor cable management, use a cord cover and protector where necessary. Choose a product that is flexible and can withstand plenty of foot traffic with an occasional encounter with castor wheels of a desk, table, and the like.