Charger Case
If you do not have a charger case for your phone or other device chargers, you probably find yourself without them when you need them most. It is common to realize you only have 5 percent battery life left on your phone when your car breaks down on the interstate and you really, really need to make a call. Then again, maybe you are the guy who goes on vacation and forgets to take his chargers, and three days into the trip your phone, MP3 player, and tablet are all dead and useless. It could be that you are great at remembering to bring your chargers with you on holiday, but have lost count of how many chargers you've left in hotel rooms across the country. There are some creative ways you can charge your phone or other gadgets without a charger. YouTube is rife with suggestions and self-styled how-to's. Fair warning: placing your phone in the microwave for even a few seconds will not charge your battery, but will kill it altogether. However, there's no harm in trying the methods that won't destroy your phone or battery, such as placing a fork and a quarter on your phone, or using aluminum foil and a vinegar and water solution.

Use a Charger Case - Carry it ANYwhere with the Pocket

Of course, the best option for charging your devices is to use an actual charger, and you can increase your odds of always having a charger handy if you have a charger case. UT Wire's Pocket was designed specifically to hold your chargers and even keep the cords from tangling when they are not in use. The nifty little fabric charger case is durable and has a spring closure to keep your charger safely inside whether you are carrying it in your purse, backpack, or suitcase. Keep track of your chargers easily with the Pocket from UT Wire.