Christmas: Stocking stuffer gifts that everyone can use in their everyday bags

Do you get stuck thinking about what presents to give for Christmas? Finding the right gift can be a torturous affair. After all, there's a good chance the receiver might not like it at all. But, sometimes, a trick that works for holiday gift-giving is to choose an item that has practical use. 

In other words, try to find something that has use in everyday life. Take today's world for instance. A lot of people now listen to tunes or podcasts on their smartphones or tablets. They take chargers along with them so their battery juice is always topped up. Portable hard drives are taken along to school for backup. 

In other words, many people are increasingly hooked on gadgets and sometimes bring more than one with them. Usually, all of these devices get chucked into a bag. Retrieval then can prove tricky since a lot of gadgets and devices share a common feature: they come with cords. 

Cords can get tangled together or on other items. This can prove a hassle, and no one deserves to struggle with untangling a bunch of wires when there are more important things to do. So, for your Christmas stocking stuffer gift, why not think of a present that can make modern life more manageable? 

Organized cables 

A lot of people these days carry around a bunch of devices in their bag. Most of the time, those devices have cords or require chargers to continue working.

Stuffing all these items into a single bag can be a recipe for disaster, especially for the cords. As one goes about their day, items shuffle and bump into each other inside the bag. When a particular item needs to be taken out, there's a good chance its cords have latched onto another. 

That problem could very well be solved with a cable organizer like the Cord Wrap To-Go. The soft rubber serves as a wrap for individual wires, so they stay in their respective lanes. The wires simply need to be wound around the cord wrap and stashed in the bag. With this item, never again will someone have to deal with tangled cords. 

Untangled earphones 

Commutes can be particularly long these days. And for someone traveling on public transport, the lengthy journey is a chance to listen to some good music, catch up on podcasts, or watch a film without disturbing fellow commuters.

While there is this habit of winding the earphone cord around a device, it doesn۪t prevent snagging or protect the earphone cord. The alternative is to bunch up and chuck the earphones into the bag to be retrieved for later use.

But doing so runs the risk of wires untangling and causing a mess inside the bag or purse. Since it would be better to use earphones rather than untangle them, a solution to the problem comes in the form of an earphone case like the Pocket. Not only does it serve as a holder for earphones, it also protects it from other items in the bag.

This Christmas season, why not think of gifts like these that have use in everyday life? Giving an item with a practical purpose makes for a more meaningful gift during the holidays.