D-Wings Cord Control by UT Wire is awarded for high design quality in the red dot award: product design 2013۝
Anaheim, CA.- April 19, 2013 - The innovative power of Rubbo International, Inc. impressed the 37-member jury of experts for the red dot award: product design 2013۝ for second straight year. Those who succeed in winning over the renowned experts in the field can decorate their product creation with the red dot۝ and position themselves at an international level. The jury members were delighted to receive 4,662 entries in 19 different categories in this year۪s competition. Only the best designs were able to win the enthusiasm of the jury, which is how D-Wings received the red dot for its successful design creation. D-Wings for cord control is an easy cord organizer to hold and guide cords across any flat surfaces. Self-adhesive backing will not leave nail holes on any flat surfaces that cannot be drilled or stapled such as glasses, metal, concrete, or etc. D-Wings will guide cords around curves, corner, or edges. This product has a redesigned clamp shape to open slip by squeezing softly on two sides. The soft opening slit is capable to remove and reinsert cords whenever needed.Also, D-wings has a paintable body to match with any d̩cor or just the cord color. A simple designed product with big solution. The awards ceremony for the seal of quality that is recognized worldwide takes place on 1 July 2013 as part of the traditional red dot gala. The ceremony held in Essen۪s opera house, the impressive Aalto Theater is always the final highlight of the red dot award: product design۝ and over the past years has become established as a celebratory ceremony with international guests. D-Wings will then be put on display during a four-week special exhibition in the red dot design museum.
The winning products in the red dot design museum
With around 2,000 products spread over an area of more than 4,000 square meters, the red dot design museum houses the largest exhibition of contemporary design worldwide. From 2 to 28 July 2013, the museum will host the traditional special exhibition of the award-winning products. In Design on stage winners red dot award: product design 2013۝, design enthusiasts can marvel at the latest trends at close quarters. Visitors are expressly invited to handle the pieces, allowing them to experience live in the breathtaking atmosphere of the red dot design museum the prize-winning design of D-Wings from Rubbo International, Inc.
About the red dot design award
With the red dot design award, the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen created one of the most internationally acclaimed competitions. The prize, the red dot۝, has established itself worldwide as one of the most sought-after quality marks for excellent design. The Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen displays the award-winning products in the red dot design museum for at least one year.
About UT Wire
UT Wire brand was created with one thing in mind: hassle-free do-it-yourselfing. Based in Anaheim, California, Rubbo International, Inc. is a frequent award winner of product designed award including world renowned Red Dot and iF Product Design by provides simple and innovative ways to organize messy and tangled cables and cords. All of UT Wire۪s products are designed for the everyday D.I.Y. users. None of the products in the line require fancy installation tools, intricate parts or the following of complicated instructions. Just simple products to keep cords organized, the hassle-free way. For more information, please visit www.UT-Wire.com.