Hide Those Ugly Wires and Cables, Let Your New Wall Mount TV Shine

Replacing your old TV for a wall-mounted version is supposed to help you minimize the amount of space consumed and maximize a room۪s floor area. But if you leave the wires and cables hanging all over the place, it would still look cluttered and distracting. This underscores the importance of TV cable management by hiding TV wires well out of the way, with nothing to distract the eye from the star of the wall, your flat screen TV. By simply using cable management products, such as wire covers, cord covers for wall and cable wraps, you not only keep the wires organized, but also minimize the risks of accidents and tripping on cables. With plenty of cable management ideas, getting the job done shouldn't be so hard.

What You Need for Effective Cable Management Solutions

1) Cordline

One of the easiest ways to keep wires and cables out of sight is to use cable cord covers that run right down to the floor. It۪s easy because you don't need to cut holes on the wall to conceal all those wires. The Cordline is a cable concealer that is flexible and wouldn۪'t require you to get your handyman skills out just to install it. Depending on the number of cables you need to hide, you may only need one or two Cordline products that easily interlock in place. Use an adhesive and voila! The TV wire cover is set in place. You also have the option to paint over the cover so it will blend seamlessly into your wall. This is one great way to hide wires and cables.

2) Flexi Cable Wrap

What about those wires hanging from the back of the TV? Simply use a cord wrap to hold them together and keep them organized. As the name suggests, a Flexi cable wrap is flexible enough to be spread out and then re-folded. You can conveniently add or remove cables and wires, as needed. Unlike a spiral wire wrap or spiral cable wrap, the Flexi Cable Wrap lets you cover the wires in one go. Quick and easy is the name of the game.

3) In-Box Cable Box for under desk

So you have your cable hider and cord wraps. But what about those sockets at the end of an extension cord? It may not look like much of an eyesore the same way as hanging wires and cables, but they can pose a risk to children and pets. What if they are tempted to unplug those power outlets? This is why a home cable management is not complete without the In-Box Cable Box that fits right under the desk or media cabinet. The hide cable box has enough room to accommodate a power cord of different types and sizes. Simply place the power extender in the extension cord organizer, let the cables run through the holes on the side, and place the lid to hide the evidence, so to speak. With a combination of wall cable management and cord organizer box, organizing cables for your new wall mount TV will be a breeze. No nails and hammer needed.