How to Have a Fun Fourth of July Celebration at Home

The Fourth of July is often accompanied with delicious food, good company, and of course, amazing firework displays! However, due to recent events, families are now looking for new and creative ways to celebrate the holiday while still practicing social distancing. Although Independence Day may look different this year, there are a number of ways to safely celebrate the fun holiday without having to leave home, such as firing up the grill and enjoying family time with your own personal party. Consider these tips on hosting a memorable Fourth of July at home.

Hang Decorative Lights and Flag Garland

Perhaps the best part of hosting a party is the decorating! Even though this year’s party may consist of immediate family, it’s sure to create a fun memory for both kids and adults. Get in the Fourth of July spirit by hanging decorative lights and flag garland in your home. These decorations will look great on walls or hanging from a large entry-way. You may be asking, “But what about the risk of damaging my walls or ceiling?” Hanging decorative lights and flag garland is easy and safe on your walls when using nail free cord clips, such as D-Wings. Not only do D-Wings provide a secure attachment to the wall, but they are sleek, user-friendly, and nail-free. Your home will be rockin’ the Patriotic spirit in no time!

Watch Fireworks on Your Entertainment System

Many often look forward to ending the celebration of Independence Day by gathering for a beautiful firework display in their hometown. Although a firework display may not be accessible this year, there are still fun ways to end the day! Consider preparing your home entertainment system for a fireworks show. Gain the feeling of a “real life” firework display by setting up your TV and speakers for booming surround-sound.

While preparing your entertainment system, consider the look of the TV cords and speaker cords running across the floor. Many are against the un-organized look of cords, but don’t let it hold you back from creating an awesome entertainment space. While connecting speakers to the TV, keep the aesthetic of your room organized with a convertible cord channel. Cordline is a great example of one product that can convert between two capacity sizes to suit your needs. Take advantage of hiding larger grouping of cords on the wall without the worry of a messy appearance.

If you are seeking a cord disguise to fit an even smaller capacity, such as simply covering your cable cord that connects from your TV to the wall, don’t fret! The Cord Channel features a front-opening channel allowing you to still make use of cord function without giving up the disguise.

Cord channels are a great option when it comes to designing an entertainment space. Run both the Cordline and Cord Channel along the walls or baseboard of the room to keep your space clean and functional. Even better? Both of these products can be easily painted to fit the color of your walls!

Why not make the best of this Fourth of July at home? Enjoy spending time with close family with patriotic decorations for this year’s Independence Day. Don’t forget to enjoy some snacks while watching the fireworks on your new and improved entertainment system!