How to Pack Your Carry-on Luggage for Travel with UT Wire

Digital travelers of today get to enjoy the ease of reaching far destinations while still remaining plugged. But going places while staying digitally connected brings a couple of challenges, such as running out of battery and having nowhere to charge while on transit, or finding out too late that the country you're visiting uses three-prong plugs. That's why it is always wise to be prepared by packing your power banks, universal adapters, and other helpful electronic accessories.

Bringing your gadgets and accessories with you when traveling, can come with its own set of challenges. We all know you just can't throw in all your wires, mobile devices, and chargers into your bag and not expect them to break or get scratches. If you are a tech-savvy traveler, you should also know how to properly organize your electronic baggage when packing.

UT Wire Products for Easier Organizing

We here at UT Wire understand that the struggle is real when it comes to organizing your gizmos, especially when you are always on the go. So to make traveling with your gadgets even more convenient, we have created several products that can make packing and using your tech easier.

1) Pocket

This is perfect for those who always want their charger and earphones on them without having to worry about their wires becoming entangled when you put them in the same bag, and at the same time not having to fuss with coiling the cords and organizing them into the different partitions of a travel case. The Pocket is easy to use because you just have to squeeze open its spring closure, pop in your earbuds or charger, then release the pressure, and snapthe bag is closed. Each Pocket is sized and labeled accordingly, so it is easier for you to identify and organize your tech accessories. Plus, you have more flexibility in where to put your earbud holder because they come in individual bags. Put it in your pockets or your carry-on luggage, whatever is more convenient.

2) Cord Wrap To-Go

If you are someone who likes to have all your wires and cords neatly coiled and stored even when you are on the go, the Cord Wrap To-Go is designed for you. It is a soft cord wrap which you can easily wrap around your earphones, chargers, USB cables, and other wires so you can conveniently bring them with you wherever you go without worrying about them getting all tangled up. It comes in three sizes so you can store cords with different lengths. Once all your wires are individually wrapped, you can slip the earbud case. into your pocket or purse for easy access and organize the rest in your carry-on luggage.

3) Pocket for Travel

When you want to keep all your cords in one place, small travel bags like the Pocket for Travel is most useful. It is a tear-resistant pouch with 4 elastic bands on one side and a mesh pocket on the other, so you can easily organize your wires and store your power bank, chargers, and more in one place. It is lightweight and just 6 x 9 so you can easily carry it in your hand, or put it in your purse, backpack, laptop bag, or carry-on luggage while traveling. Plus, everything is nicely organized and visible so you can find what you need more quickly.

Benefits of Keeping Your Gadgets, Wires, and Cords Organized When Traveling

1) You prevent damaging your stuff.

When you have a place for everything and you properly pack them, there is a better chance that your belongings won't break. It is less likely that your cords and wires end up jumbled and cut, or your phone ends up smeared in lipstick or soaked in cologne.

2) There is less chance you will lose something.

In the middle of last-minute packing and catching your plane, you find out that you lost your earphones or forgot them at the hotel, and they were your expensive pair too. This could have been less likely to happen if you had an organizing method of sorts for all your packed things. This would make it easier for you to pack faster and to quickly check if you are missing anything.

3) You can find your things more easily.

It sucks to be the one who is holding up the long queue during check in. And it's all because you can't show your e-ticket right away since you're still fumbling around in your bag for your phone that got tangled in your cords and wires. By having a place for everything in your carry-on luggage, you can quickly locate what you need and save yourself the embarrassment of being nicknamed by your fellow passengers as 'the person who took forever'.

4) You get to save space when packing.

One of the tests to measure how seasoned you are as a traveler is by going places with just one carry-on bag. But with all the clothes, toiletries, gadgets, and other essentials you need to bring, it can be challenging to make everything fit into just one piece of luggage. With the help of some packing and organizing tools, you will see how much more efficient and how much more space you can maximize in just one bag.

Mastering the Art of Bringing Electronics on Your Travels

Traveling with your gadgets is the norm nowadays, but not everyone can do it like a pro. But by getting tips and tools that can enhance your digital traveler skills, you can master the art of packing light and packing right wherever you go. You can become more of an expert in taking your technology along with you on your adventures, and bringing them back home still intact and undamaged. And that is why all of us here at UT Wire want to help people like you with our products, so you can enjoy more convenience when going places, and so you can protect and organize your electronics with ease no matter where you are traveling to.