Simple Organizing Tips to Keep a New Sitting/Standing Desk Organized in Offices

Sit-to-stand desks are becoming more popular nowadays as the negative effects of sitting at a desk for several hours is becoming more prevalent. More offices are turning their workstations into more ergonomic areas, and one of the most recommended practices is to convert your work table into a sitting/standing model. Along with a new and more ergonomic desk design, you will also have to rearrange your work tools to make sure your new workstation is stress free and injury free, and that it promotes productivity and creativity. One of the best ways to achieve that is by making sure your computer wires and cords of your other electronics are properly arranged and organized. UT Wire has several cable management products that can make this task easier.

1) In-Box Charging Station for under the desk

This is perfect for your under desk cable management because it hides and stores your power strips, surge protectors, chargers, and plugs in a box, keeping you and everyone else safe from tripping on wires and electrical devices. This box for hiding cable comes with a top flip door with a slot, so it is easier to plug in and organize your cords. It comes in black or white, so it can match various office designs. Since your power strips, chargers and cables are encased, you can easily move this cord organizer box to adjust to your current sitting or standing position. Place it at the most convenient spot under your table, whether you prefer them to be beside, behind, or at the bottom of your feet.

2) Flexi Cable Wrap

In order to create an even tidier and safer sit-to-stand desk, you must hide and organize all those dangling wires from your PC, printer, keyboard, and other electronic devices. The Flexi Cable Wrap is a cable concealer that effectively achieves this. It is made from a soft and flexible material that can be cut with a pair of scissors to your desired length. Plus, it is expandable and self wraps to conform to bundle cords, and you can reuse them. This means you can worry less about getting plastic cuts and having to use extra tools. When you have cable wraps like this at your disposal, concealing and organizing hanging wires is a much easier job.

3) Q Knot Plus

Taking care of the cords hanging from and running under or around your desk are surely top priorities in achieving a more organized sitting/standing work desk. But what about computer cable management on top of your table? And what about all your other electronic accessories, like headphones, speakers, chargers, etcetera? For this, you can turn to the Q Knot Plus. These are reusable cable ties that are a hybrid between a rubber band and a zip tie, meaning they are stretchable and can be strapped around almost anything. These are perfect for keeping the wires of those electronic accessories you keep on top of your sit-to-stand table neat, tangle free, and orderly. The Q Knot Plus is also great as a wire organizer because you can tag and quickly identify which charger or power cord belongs to you based on your cable tie color and design. This is really helpful when you are sharing workspaces or having meetings in the boardroom.

Important Note: When working at a sitting/standing desk, you want to make sure that your table setup is as flexible as possible so you can easily shift into a comfortable position whenever you sit or stand. So, use cable management products that are versatile, easy to use, and are durable.