Our Company Update

For those of you who are new, hello, and welcome to UT Wire! We are delighted to have you here. For our organization fanatics, welcome back! Reflecting on the past year, it’s safe to say that 2020 had our cable cords in a bunch. Globally speaking, life took a toll on all of us. However, despite these unprecedented times, UT Wire has held to the silver lining of it all and, thankfully, has accomplished so many awesome things!

For one, if you haven’t noticed already, we have a new website and brand logo! Second, we moved! UT Wire is proud to say that we are now in our spanking new office in Orange, California. However, perhaps the most exciting news of all is that our Kickstarter campaign for the Pocket for Smartphone reached 300% of its goal! It is thanks to people’s show of support that we can continue as we do and launch some amazing new products like the ones below!

4 Products You Need to Instantly Organize Your Life in 2021: 

1. Carpet Cord Cover

This carpet cord protector is perfect for keeping the cables down and safe, leaving your home to appear instantly more organized. With its hook-and-loop layer, it is made specifically for carpeting.

2. Pocket for Smartphone

Combining form and function together, this compact and collapsible organizer easily fits into bags and can convert into a casual accessory case or a phone stand. It offers two viewing angles so you can conveniently enjoy your device anywhere you go, hands free.

3. Pocket for Tech Accessories

This is for the tech junkies who often travel with a bag full of gadgets, but not enough compartments to hold them. The tech accessory pouch can hold anything from a portable charger or portable mouse to extra USBs. Simply throw it in the Pocket and be on your way.

4. Pocket for Airpods

Spacious enough to hold more than just your Airpods, this Airpod pouch holds your charger cord, too. Now, instead of rummaging through to the bottom of your bag, you can rest assured knowing that your phone wire is safe, untangled and in its designated spot. This year, we’re saving ourselves from wasted time and headaches.

Thanks to our team, family, and of course, our lovely fans, although many of us are apart, we still managed to pull together with strength and strategy. Our main goal for this year: to continue bringing you quality products while operating under upgraded, responsible core values. 

We are grateful for everyone’s support and look forward to working with you in this new year. May you and your loved ones enjoy a wonderful start to 2021! Please stay tuned for our soon-to-come tech organizer bags to be revealed later this year.

Love and Light,

UT Wire