Playing Safe: Backyard Wire Management Tips for Outdoor Safety

As the warm summer months roll around every year, the delightful weather prompts countless families to host outdoor barbecues, parties, and movie nights.  But while soaking up the sun’s rays is a luxury that should always be taken advantage of, it’s important to be mindful of cable safety during the summertime.  With kids running around outside and adults mingling in the backyard, stray wires from speakers or projectors can pose a hazard of which you’ll want to be aware. 

Here are a few good tips on cable management and safety to help you make the most of your backyard this summer:

One of the benefits of using electronics indoors is that there’s almost always an outlet right where you need it.  If you’re bringing a projector outside for a backyard movie night, however, you’re probably going to need an extension cord to help you reach an outlet from the house.  Make sure to only use extension cords marked “For Outdoor Use”.  These are specifically designed to be weather-resistant and have extra outer coatings to protect them from being dragged around on the ground.

If you’re using an extension cord to plug in a projector or speaker outside, you’ll want to choose one that’s the proper length.  If you choose something too long, the cord becomes a tripping hazard.  Longer cords also may not be able to handle as much current as you’ll need to power your device.  Measure the distance between the outlet and where you plan on using your electrical device to decide the proper length of any extension cord.

Keeping your wires out of the way is always a smart idea to prevent young ones (and adults, too) from tripping over them and potentially injuring themselves.  This is especially true when it comes to the outdoors, as you might have kids playing in the backyard or guests walking around on the back patio at an outdoor party. 

Keep any wires or extension cords out of the way.   Aside from running them underneath patio furniture or taping them to the ground, you can also find creative solutions like running wires across hanging string lights to keep them away from foot traffic.

Another vital piece of outdoor wire safety is to only keep devices plugged in while they’re in use.  Until you’re ready to fire up that power tool or play music from your speaker, you’ll want to leave the device unplugged.  Once you’re finished using the device or extension cord, store it inside as soon as possible.  Leaving any electrical products, wires, or cords unattended outdoors, especially for extended periods of time, can damage the cables and ultimately lead to fire or shocking hazards.

Outdoor cable safety is simple, but it’s incredibly important in order to keep everyone and everything safe at outdoor parties and gatherings.  Let’s keep these easy tips in mind and enjoy the summer in peace!