How to prevent cable hazard in office and homes like tripping
June is National Safety Month in the US. As the leading cause of death for individuals aged 1 to 44 years, injuries in the home and workplace are front and center for National Safety Month. One of the most prevalent causes of accidents and injuries in the home and workplace are electrical cables. Figuring out how to organize cables becomes increasingly important when you realize just how risky it is to leave them unprotected. Whether stern across your desk, unmanaged behind your television, or randomly draped along a wall or corner, cables can present serious danger to you and your children. A cable protector is one of the best ways to prevent unnecessary accidents in your home. For office cable management, a protector can keep your desk neat and tidy to reduce the risk of tripping and the like. Consider a few additional ways you can protect yourself, family, and co-workers from cable hazards.  

In the Home

Securing loose cables is essential to prevent injuries to your family members. Children can easily bite down on cables causing electrocution, while older children and adults can find themselves with twisted or broken ankles because of trips or falls. Cords that are hanging from the ceiling or walls can easily be grabbed ahold of by children causing electrical concerns. Alternatively, cables that are squeezed into tight spaces or have built up pressure can cause a fire hazard. Prevent these issues by keeping your cords out of sight but also lying flat so there is no pressure being placed on them.  

In the Workplace

It۪s common for desk workers to staple cords to their cubicle to keep things neat in tidy. Staples can cause serious damage to cords and can even lead to electrical shock if you۪re not careful. Office cable management is best done with some sort of cable covers that keeps your power cords out of harm۪s way without risking a fire or other issue. Whatever you do, don۪t leave power cords randomly lying around your desk or office. Because of the risk from tripping and electrical hazards, you can become liable for any injuries that occur in or around your office. Play it safe by keeping them securely out of the way.  


If you۪re wondering how to organize cables and don۪t know the best tools for the job, then consider our selection. We offer a variety of cable protectors and compact cord protectors to keep your office and home safe. Don۪t put yourself at risk. Stay protected and keep your cables organized.