Ring in the New Year Party With These Safety Tips

Happy almost New Year! There’s nothing like ringing in the New Year by throwing an awesome party for family and friends, filled with music, great finger-food, and good company. Make the best of the night by setting up your entertainment center with a great audio system to watch the ball drop in full-effect. Both the kids and adults are sure to love it! After preparing your designated party area for a night of a lifetime, it’s best to be sure the room does not come with any tripping disasters. Make sure your house is trip-free and safe for those of all ages by reading a few safety tips and tricks. Here are three great products to help you deal with foot traffic safety during your New Years Eve party.

Cord Protector and Concealer

There are sure to be TV cable cords and audio speaker cords running along the floor, causing a tripping hazard for anyone who walked through the area. Making use of a Cord Protector is a great tool for floor cable management. The Cord Protector is a 3-channel cord cover, designed to protect loose cords that are strung along the floor. This cable management tool is perfect when needing to conceal multiple cords that are running together. The two top-loading channels provide easy access, allowing you to remove the cords without having to remove the entire cover. This functional tool also comes with double-sided tape, ensuring the cables are set in place with no risk of movement.

Compact Cord Protector

For those seeking to conceal a single cord, consider taking advantage of the Compact Cord Protector. This single-channel cord cover both protects and hides cables running along the floor. Plus, it’s low-profile design helps the cord cover to blend in effortlessly in any room! The double-sided, adhesive tape provides a secure attachment to the floor, making any room trip-free. Run speaker cords along the floor with no worry when covering the cable with a Compact Cord Protector.

Cable Blanket

But, what if your space requires numerous cables? When searching for a high-capacity cord cover, look no further than a Cable Blanket. This Cable Blanket is made with an extremely flexible material, easily offering the lowest profile a cable cover can have by shaping itself to however many cables it needs to cover. Available in dark grey or neutral beige, the Cable Blanket discretely hides various cords that lead to your TV, speakers, and more.

Remember, Stay Safe this New Years Eve!