Preparing for a Holiday Party? Safety Should Be a Major Part of It

Preparing for a Holiday Party? Safety Should Be a Major Part of It, and you're probably busy preparing for Thanksgiving or Christmas parties. Without a doubt, the focus would be on food and decoration. But you should think about safety as well, and prepare accordingly. Look around you and see what needs organizing and decluttering. Stuff strewn all over the place can be hazardous to guests. But the real danger lies in wire and cables left hanging or running uncovered from one end of the room to another. They are accidents waiting to happen. So extend your holiday preparation to cable management.

Keep cables neat and well-hidden before the guests arrive

There are several cable management ideas that you can use, but the easiest would be to use a cable organizer or cord concealer to hide those ugly-looking wires from view. The Cordline from UT Wire makes the ideal cable hider, as it is very flexible to work with and can be attached to the wall using nothing more than adhesive, and then painted over to make it blend into the wall. Combine it with the Flexi Cable Wrap, and hiding TV wires, and other wires for that matter, will be quick and easy.

Properly cover wires running on the floor

Exposed extension wires that run from one end of the room to another could cause anyone to trip over it, unless you find a way to keep them in place. But don't think using duct tape will do. Well, it can work, but it would be unsightly. Your next best solution is to use a cable concealer designed to be installed on the floor, similar to the Compact Cord Protector. It keeps floor areas clear and safe and is low enough to keep anyone from tripping. It is available in different colors. So choose one that fits with your home۪s flooring.

Keep accidents from happening

Pets and children don't know the difference between what a toy is and what is not. If they can get their hands on it, then it۪s fair game. The problem with children pulling wires or pets chewing on them is that something and someone could get electrocuted. Heaven forbid. If you put as much effort in TV cable management, you shouldn't leave anything to chance with electrical wires. So use electrical cord covers to keep cables less of a temptation for kids and pets. You can then add the In-Box Cable Box for under desk to conceal the power outlets, which can pique a child۪s curiosity as effectively as a laser light to a cat.

Keep your desk clear of wires and cables

Imagine if a child gets hold of the cable in your workstation and decides to pull on it. Two things can happen, either it comes loose or a monitor or any other device would fall off the table and hit something or someone. So make sure to follow safe desk cable management, and learn how to organize cords using a cord organizer, cable holder, wire covers and other tools that will keep your home safe during the festivities.