Schooling at Home: Setting Up a Clean and Organized Workspace

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused schools across the country to close during the springtime, making a student’s own room at home their new classroom. School districts quickly transitioned from in-person schooling to digital formats, allowing students to conveniently practice their lessons at home through online classes. Whether it’s homeschooling or taking classes online with streaming services such as Zoom, students are spending more time at home for school than ever before. With fall around the corner, consider using the last months of summer to help them set up their own workspace!

Create a Student Workspace

Going back to school this year may look a little different.  Perhaps the best way to help your child stay focused on completing lessons or homework is to create a dedicated student workspace of their own. This dedicated space will help your child develop positive studying skills while boosting productivity. Once you and your child have found the perfect study spot, it’s time to get organized! There are a number of products available to help you and your child keep their workstation clean and tidy.

Here are some customer favorites:

Charger Station

When learning from home and taking online classes, you may be surprised to discover the amount of technology often used during the course. Whether your child uses a laptop or an iPad with any additional accessory like speakers, practice desk organization with a charger station. A charger station is a compact and suitable tool to maintain a clean desk. This allows you to organize and have a cable identifier for an Apple watch cord, iPhone charger, and more!

In-Box Charging Station

It can be challenging to locate your child’s cell phone, charging cables, and other electronic devices. Ensure these devices are never lost by saving room on their desk for an in-box charging station. The charging station was designed to let any user easily plug-in charging cords and prop up your devices while you power all your electronics! This includes tablets, smartphones, Apple Watch, AirPods, and more. Plus, the charging station is marker friendly, allowing your child to write on it to stay more organized.


It can be easy for device cords to be strung along the floor, causing a tripping hazard for both your child and your family, so it’s a good idea to just unplug and put those devices away. Some devices are constantly in use, being plugged and unplugged, and an attachable cable wrap, like the Binditz Original, is perfect for keeping them tidy and organized. The Binditz is a stretchy silicone band that simply wraps around the cord bundle, designed to gather loose cable from small kitchen appliances, lamps, or a hairdryer cord just to name a few. It has a special loop for attaching itself to cables so you can’t lose it easily. For thinner cords, such as tablet chargers or USB cables, consider trying the Binditz Mini!

Some may find it challenging to complete their homework assignments from home. Consider designing a homework area for your child, as there are a number of ways to introduce your children to tidy study space. A clean, well-organized desk will help boost productivity and make learning fun!