Seasonal Cleaning: With the Change of Season Means it's Time to Pack Away This and That

Each year, you take a look at what you own and decide on which items need to go and which ones stay. Cleaning season also means seeing a change in decorations and the like; some items will be sent to boxes for use the following year while others will be taken out for use. Admittedly, your busy life can leave you dealing with messy cords, a haphazard computer setup, and a messy entertainment system. All of these, along with some packing and unpacking, will occupy much of your seasonal cleaning schedule. If you don't want to deal with such an ordeal for the next cleaning session, you have to get organized right now.

Packing for Storage

If you're someone who likes to decorate by theme, then you probably have multiple versions of a single item. For example, you might have a Christmas-themed night lamp to use during the holidays and a regular one for the rest of the year. Since these lamps come with cords, wouldn't it be nice to not see any dangling wires when you take them out of the box or when they are put on display? This is where Flexi Ties can help you out. They are cushioned twist cable ties that come in different colors, so you not only get a neatly bundled cord, but also a method of identifying as well. Your kitchen can also be a source of mess, what with the number of appliances present and their corresponding wires. Some kitchen appliances are also used occasionally and, as such, need to be packed after use. Whether or not you are dealing with a wired kitchen item that needs to be put back in storage or one that sees daily use, it would be nice to get their wires bundled up. The Binditz for Home can help with that. It's a flexible attachable wire organizer that stretches to accommodate and hold together wires of different lengths and sizes. Entertainment systems and computer setups feature a wide variety of wires, and holding them together requires stronger material. With the Speedy Wrap, you get a magnetic locking cable wrap that not only keeps cables secure, but also makes the process easy as well.

Packing for Giving Away

You can also use Flexi Ties when giving away items you no longer want or have multiple versions of. Using such cable ties for bundling the wires of kitchen appliances, holiday lights, consumer electronic devices, and extension cords makes them easier to handle. With three different sizes to choose from, a Binditz for Home can be used to hold together a range of items with cords of varying length and size. Since it is an attachable wire organizer, it can stay on the cable while the item is being used so you will never misplace it. If you'd like the process of bundling cords to flow a little smoother, the Speedy Wrap is your friend. It's a cord wrap best used for grouping bundles between 1.25 to 1.75 inches in diameter. Whether you're giving items away or packing them for later use, make sure the cords of such items are bundled. It not only makes for a neater look, it saves time as well from untangling them from each other.