Tackling an Organized Thanksgiving Meal This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving can be a heartwarming holiday as families across the country go about their traditions, bringing everyone closer together. The holiday is often accompanied with delicious food, good company, and lifelong memories that your family will forever cherish. Cooking a Thanksgiving meal can come with a wave of stress. Prepping and planning ahead will not only help your cooking session go smooth, but also  will ease any tension and worries you have about making sure items are prepared accordingly. These great organizer tools will make sure the kitchen remains in working order, helping you tackle the process of cooking a yummy Thanksgiving course!

Bundle Excess Kitchen Appliance Cords

Thanksgiving dinner includes a number of sides and desserts. Chances are you will be pulling out your mixer to prepare home cooked mashed potatoes, homemade cookies, or any sort of pie. And, you can’t forget the grinder to make homemade cranberry sauce!

All of these kitchen appliances are handy to have when preparing a large meal, but often come with long and dangly cords. Don’t let the excess cord get in the way of whipping up creamy mashed potatoes. Making use of a Binditz for your kitchen appliances will save you a mess while also helping with home organization. This reusable cable wrap is attachable and durable, suitable to organize almost any kitchen appliance cord. Simply loop the Binditz around the cable bundle and put your appliances away to keep a clean kitchen counter and create more counter space.

Secure Opened Food Bags for Freshness

What is a Thanksgiving meal without fresh rolls from the local bakery? To ensure the freshness of items in opened bags, consider securing the bag with a Q Knot. The Q Knot is a reusable, multipurpose tie with various uses, including closing a bag full of fresh bread rolls. This ensures leftovers will remain moist and ready-to-eat the following day. Plus, this tool is handy when it comes to organizing various cords, as it also serves as a secure cable wrap. The multifunctions of the Q Knot are endless!

Conceal Cords

The Macy’s Day Parade is an American favorite to tune in on Thanksgiving morning. Many families gather around the television to see various performances and fun parade floats. Ensure your entertainment space is a safe area for all family members by making use of a Cord Channel. This tool routes and hides cords along the wall or baseboards and can be painted to match any wall color! The double-sided foam tape provides attachment to the surface. Cord concealing is a great way to keep your living area looking clean and organized while also limiting the risk of wires getting pulled. 

The holiday season is a favorite time for many. It is a chance for families to spend quality time together while enjoying homemade food and sharing laughs while creating loving memories. Be prepared this Thanksgiving by taking advantage of use-friendly home organization tools. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!