The New Way to Approach Wall Cable Management
Those who cringe at the sight of a mass of cords bursting from wall-mounted electronics have dreamed of a wall cable management system. After all, there's a little something lost from the wonder of having a flat-screen TV hanging in the center of an otherwise barren wall when the power cord and satellite cable are dangling sloppily below. On a rare occasion, are located behind the television but, more often than not, they are actually situated below, to the side, or even across the room. When that happens, wouldn't it be great if the cables would just miraculously melt into the wall?

Cordline is the Ultimate Wall Cable Management Solution

Thankfully, UT Wire has come up with a simple design that is the perfect solution. Our Cordline is a customizable cable and cord concealing product that is ingenious on many levels. First, you can easily cut it to any length you need with a pair of household scissors. Next, the Cordline can be used to hide as few as one or two cords, or all the wires and cables from an entire entertainment center. One section of Cordline will effectively conceal up to three cords, but you'll want to use identical-length sections of Cordline to manage four or more cords and cables. Use double-sided tape to adhere the Cordline to the wall, baseboard, or even the floor to keep it in one place. Finally, and possibly the best part about Cordline, is that it can be painted to match the surface beneath it for that miraculous wall-melt effect. Cordline is just one of the wall cable management solutions UT Wire has come up with. Organizing wires, cables, and cords is what we do best. UT Wire has created an entire line of products that conceal, mount, store, and bundle the troublesome wires and cords in your life.