Tips on Keeping a Clean Desk While Working from Home

Recent events have caused many in the workforce to transition from driving to an office each morning to fully working from home. Some may find it challenging to work from home as it can be distracting and hard to focus on completing tasks. Whether this change is temporary or permanent, it’s important to have a clean, dedicated workspace. A neat and tidy workspace will help spark motivation when it comes to tackling projects, ensuring full productivity in your work. Here are a few tips and tools to consider on keeping a clean workspace while working from home.

Managing Mounted Computer Monitors

Many jobs require multiple computer monitors to complete a project, or some may enjoy a monitor simply for a larger view. To save desk space and keep screens at eye level, monitors are often mounted to the wall.  For the dangling computer wires hanging off mounted monitors, a cable wrap is a great way to bundle, conceal, and protect. Flexi cable wrap is a helpful tool to have when it comes to home organization, as this expandable wrap keeps bundles of cables or cords hidden.

Purchase a Sit-Stand Desk

The sit-to-stand desks have gained a great deal of attention, and for good reason! Using a sit-to-stand desk not only helps boost energy levels, but comes with a number of health benefits as well. It allows you to complete your work while sitting comfortably or take it to new heights by raising the desk to standing level. This is a great solution for those looking for a new way to improve or update their workspace. When standing at your workspace, take power strips and cords located under your desk into consideration. It’s best to keep these safely tucked away to ensure you do not trip or step on cables. Incorporating a cable box into your desk organization is a great way to store power strips and messy cables under your desk.

Dedicate Time to Tidy Up

Working from home has been a unique transition for many in the workforce. There are numerous steps you can take to keep a clean workspace, such as mounting your monitor and keeping computer cables organized, but don’t forget to set aside time once a week to simply deep clean your desk area! Start by gathering miscellaneous notes and papers, sorting the information in drawers, and getting rid of unneeded documents. Once you have an open desk, consider wiping down the surfaces with a cleaning solution. This tackles the dirt while helping to prevent dust. Dedicating 30 minutes a day to deep clean your workspace will boost both work performance and productivity!

The transition of working from home can be smooth when a plan is set. Organization products are useful when it comes to creating a dedicated work area in your home. Maintain a clean, open desk with a cable box or flexi cable wrap for an overall complete look.