A Travel Case for All You Mobile Type People
Finding a travel case that is small enough to slip into your bag yet large enough to store your electronics can be a major challenge. In today۪s world, our electronics follow us everything - from work to the home office, on trips, and pretty much everywhere imaginable! Finding compact travel cases for your electronics and accessories is a must for all working professionals. Pulling out disheveled, disorganized cords and cables in the middle of a board meeting is not going to impress potential clients or coworkers. The pocket by UT Wire is the perfect solution for many of us, as it allows for you to easily and efficiently store chargers, earbuds, and other electronic devices in a protective case that is as reliable as it is chic! A neat and compact travel case allows you to reach for your earphones, power cords, and USB cords, without having to spend minutes unraveling tangled cords. Using a travel case helps you keep these cords organized and ready to use the moment you need them.

The UT Wire Travel Case - The Pocket - Simply Squeeze...

The UT Wire travel case was designed with a spring closure, allowing you to simply squeeze the pocket and throw the chargers into the case without much thought. The size is perfect and fits neatly into any bag or purse. The travel case is the perfect gift for that tech savvy friend who needs a little bit of help in keeping things straight. When you consider how much money you invest in your accessories for technology, it is important to treat each item with care. Earbuds, which have exposure to one of the most sensitive areas of your body, should be stored in a clean, protective case where they will not accrue germs. The pocket keeps your accessories safe and protected, not to mention in good shape for years!