Traveling While Organized: Top Tips On Packing For Travel

As travel restrictions begin to ease after the pandemic, many of us are beginning to travel again for the first time in over a year.  Traveling can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life, exploring foreign cities and learning the customs of cultures from all across the world.  But as many seasoned travelers know, the process of getting from point A to point B is not always a breeze.  Luckily, by packing smartly and staying organized, you can make flying a breeze.

One of the biggest headaches you run into when traveling is realizing you left something you desperately need on the plane in your checked bag.  When packing for a flight, it’s important to consider what you’ll need and when you’ll need it in order to maximize space and stay organized. 

Here are a few simple tips about how to stay organized when traveling:

Carry-on Vs. Checked Luggage?

There are three different kinds of bags that you can take with you when flying on most airlines: a bag you check at the gate that you won’t get back until you arrive at your destination, a carry-on bag that you stow above you during the flight, and a personal item that you keep underneath the seat in front of you.  We’ll go over what to pack in each of them in order to help you stay organized and connected on and off the plane.

Personal Item

Your personal item should contain all the things that you need within reach while you’re on the plane.  This includes travel accessories like your phone charger or USB cord (as many airlines have charging outlets located in between the seats) as well as your trusty pair of Airpods.  You can also pack a tech pouch organizer like the Pocket for Airpods to keep them safe inside your bag when traveling.  This can also help you stay organized by keeping your Airpods and your charger together in case they run out of battery mid-flight.

A reusable water bottle is an excellent item to pack in your personal item, as you can fill it up once you pass through security.  You may also want to bring an extra sweater or scarf in case the plane gets chilly.  Since you’ll likely be using your smartphone during the flight, the Pocket for Smartphone is one of the most helpful travel accessories you can bring.  This electronic travel organizer can be used as a phone stand to prop up your phone on your tray table while you use it.  It can also be used to protect your phone while traveling or even as an accessory case for your phone charger and headphones.

Carry-on Bag

The carry-on bag that you stow away during the flight should contain anything that you need to use in between connecting flights or that you think you might need during the flight itself.  You’ll want to keep your laptop in either your carry-on bag or in your personal item in order to make sure it’s kept safe during the flight.  Laptop chargers can be kept in your carry-on bag and used within the airport terminal if you’re catching a connecting flight.

An extra power bank is one of the best travel accessories to store in your carry-on bag in case your smartphone runs out of battery during the flight.  You can store the power bank, chargers, and other tech accessories in a cable organizer like the Pocket for Family.  This is a great way to stay organized during the flight and keep everyone’s accessories in one place.  That way, no matter who in the family needs to grab their charger or portable battery in the middle of the flight, you can quickly and easily grab it from your carry-on bag.

Checked Bag

Your checked bag should contain anything that you don’t need until you arrive at your final destination or that can’t be kept in your carry-on.  This includes clothes, any liquids above 3.4 ounces, or anything too bulky to fit inside your carry-on.  If you’re bringing extra tech accessories that you don’t need on the plane such as backup chargers, USB hubs, camera equipment, or a wireless mouse, then you can store them in your checked bag.  An electronic travel organizer like the Pocket for Travel can help you keep all of your cords and cables protected and in one place so that you don’t have to worry about sifting through your clothes to find the USB cord you need.

How To Stay Organized

Make A List

The first thing you’ll want to do when packing for travel is to make a list of everything you need before you even break out your suitcase.  Make sure to divide it into three sections: your checked bag, your carry-on that you stow above your seat, and your personal item that you keep underneath the seat in front of you.  That way you can be sure to have everything right where you need it when you need it.

Pack Items In Layers

The last thing you want to do is get stuck at security while someone from TSA sifts through your perfectly packed luggage, ruining what you worked so hard to keep organized.  One way to make it easy on yourself in the event that they do need to inspect the bag is to pack everything in layers.  By doing one layer of clothes, one layer of electronics, and one layer of toiletries, you can ensure that they will be able to quickly and easily inspect it.  A tech pouch organizer can help keep your electronics in one layer, and a small clear bag for toiletries can help keep them all together.

You’ll be amazed at how much easier traveling is when you take the time to properly pack.  Being organized can help you stay connected on the plane and make flying that much more peaceful.  By following these simple packing tips and using an electronic travel organizer, you can keep all of your travel accessories right where you need them.