UT Wire Launches Folio™, a Brand-New Collection of Tech Bags

Combining convenience and portability into one, the new Folio line of tech bags can slip in to fit any lifestyle.

While a cluttered and disorganized space can cause stress, an organized home can bring peace of mind and a sense of calm to your every day.  Keeping cables and other items organized and decluttered can maximize your living space and ensure your home stays clean and tidy.  This makes organizing products an indispensable part of home life. 

In line with this, innovative home organizing brand UT Wire introduces its new Folio collection (starting at $34.99) with the current three entries designed to take the daily clutter of wires and tech accessories and organize it into one manageable form.  With their compact size and slim profile, these handy accessory pouches can easily slip into bags or shelves, making them the perfect companions for daily work and travel.

Designed with the modern lifestyle in mind, each Folio pouch not only includes elastic, zippered, and mesh pockets and a stylus holder for organizing, but also features an exterior hand strap for ease of holding and a hidden pocket for an Apple AirTag11:06 AM™ to make keeping track of your belongings simple.  Constructed with a water-repellent shell, interior padding, and scratch-resistant lining, these tech organizers are built to last and safeguard whatever is inside.

Available in three product sizes to suit the situation, each in black or in blue, these zippered pouches effortlessly keep your day-to-day technology neat and within reach with its sleek and stylish confines.  If the standard 1L Tech Pouch ($34.99) with its five pockets isn’t enough, the 2L Tech Pouch ($43.99) offers more space with eight pockets to secure and easily access your chargers, power banks, USBs, and other tech accessories.  For those looking to include notebooks or a small tablet, the 9-11” Tablet Pouch ($54.99) features a convenient slip-in sleeve.

Whether you're a busy mom who wants to keep her family's gadgets in order or a young professional on the go, UT Wire’s Folio series allows you to finally say goodbye to flimsy tech pouches that quickly wear out and say hello to durable quality.  Combining premium materials with high-quality construction means you can trust the pouches to last and keep your tech essentials safe and secure, no matter where you go.  No more fumbling through a cluttered bag or purse—these innovative tech pouches offer the peace of mind that comes with having your tech essentials perfectly organized and protected at all times.

U.S.-based brand UT Wire was founded in California in 2008. In a quest to find simple organization solutions to manage cord clutter in today’s tech-driven world, the founders hired in-house designers to craft products that simplify and organize space at home and in offices. Today, the brand’s product range includes travel cases, cable ties, floor covers, wall concealers, clips and identifiers, wraps and sleeves, and power strip concealers. UT Wire can be found at top retailers like Staples, The Container Store, Amazon.com, and Micro Center, just to name a few. 

To learn more about UT Wire, please visit www.ut-wire.com or contact press@ut-wire.com.