UT Wire Launches New Cord Organizing Solutions for Desks and Media Stands

New 2014 innovations from UT Wire provide vital cord organization and accessibility

Anaheim, CA - 2014 - Due to the extreme frustration caused by messy cables and cords that clutter up computer desks, Media Stands and bedside tables, UT Wire has introduced the Cable Station 2 and Cable Station Mini in order to provide the ultimate solutions for organizing and accessing cords. UT Wire, the creator of inventive cord organizing products such as the Q Knot, recognizes that because these stations usually house a majority of household electronics or provide charging stations for on-the-go devices, they inevitably become cluttered with wires that get tangled, fall behind furniture, get lost or simply create an unsightly mess. The new offerings from UT Wire provide a simple, yet clever solution to organize cords and cables while keeping them within reach for an increased ease of use.

cable and cord organizerThe Cable Station is the smart way to organize messy and tangled cables on a desk. It creates a station for loose cords that can be mounted using double sided tape on the top, back or side of a desk, table or media stand to gather and organize multiple cords from the computer, router, speakers, telephone and so much more.

The 5 slots store individual cords separately, holding them in place and preventing loose cords from slipping under the desk. This is incredibly useful for on-the-go devices such as phones, tablets, mp3 players or laptops because it keeps each cord in place, creating a reliable charging station for all devices. Individual cords can be extended or removed without difficulty and the Cable Station can be written on to easily identify which cord belongs to which device.

Providing the Best Cable and Cord Organizing for the Home or Office

The Perfect Way to Organize Cords and CablesAvailable in 2 sizes, the 2.75 inch Cable Station 2 and 1.5 inch Cable Station Mini (MSRP $5.99 each) provide crucial organization and accessibility for every electronic station in the home. The Cable Station 2۪s larger size is ideal for organizing thicker cords that reside on computer desks and media stand such as the cables for monitors, keyboards, routers, telephones, etc. Alternatively, the Cable Station Mini۪s thinner width is the perfect solution for desks and tables to provide charging stations that house on-the-go devices such as mobile phones, mp3 players, tablets and alarm clocks, etc. Together, these solutions from UT Wire provide improved convenience and much-needed organization for today۪s electronic world.

The Cable Station 2 and Cable Station Mini are available in many colors to match existing furniture and d̩cor such as black, tan, white and grey. Consumers who want to organize their electronic lives can purchase the Cable Station 2 & Mini national retailers such as Home Depot, Pep Boys, Bed Bath and Beyond and online at Amazon.com.