Working from Home: How to Keep a Presentable Workspace for Zoom Meetings

Online work seems to have become all too familiar recently now that remote work setups and Zoom have become the norm since 2020 for most people. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things left to learn about the whole subject.  For some, this may be an entirely new experience altogether.

Working from home comes with a lot of benefits: you don’t have to worry about a commute anymore, can save on gas, and may even be able to get more things done around the house. While these are all great in their own rights, that doesn’t mean that the work-at-home shift is entirely positive.

When working from home instead of at an office or elsewhere, it’s much easier to become relaxed— and that’s okay. However, there is such a thing as being too relaxed for work. Without the obvious separation of home and workspace like going to an office or school, it it’s easy to forget about some of the elements of professionalism, which may greatly affect your productivity and motivation.  Maintaining a work-appropriate appearance and an overall professional demeanor is important for many types of jobs. It’s crucial to remember that although you are in your own home, you’re still a professional, and with that comes responsibilities of appearing as such.

Of course, some liberties can be taken when working from home whenever the camera is off, but as soon as the camera switches on for a Zoom meeting, a conference, or whatever the occasion, that’s when full-on professionalism needs to be present. Going along with being well-dressed and well-groomed, having a presentable workspace helps give off a professional and responsible impression on Zoom calls.

What Constitutes a Presentable Workspace?

Whatever is visible of your workspace should be clean and organized. That doesn’t just mean putting away the food plates and other non-work-related materials; phone cables, computer cords, and other auxiliary wires you have to use can also clutter your area. For these, we recommend cable management. Nothing stands out quite like a tangle of wires, so knowing how to hide and organize cords is vital. Having cables everywhere is not only inconvenient and troublesome for you, but also gives those who can see the cables an impression of disorganization and carelessness.

Keeping clutter out of your workspace can be simple if you have the right tools, so here are a few items to help manage your work area for whenever you may find yourself in a Zoom meeting.

Cable Management Ideas

Cable Slinky

The Cable Slinky is a stretchy cable wrap that can help group your cables into one manageable cable sleeve. This works really great for electronics like a desktop computer that have a lot of different cables all going to one area. By using a Cable Slinky you can minimize the appearance of stray cords and keep things simple for yourself.

Cable Station Pro

For the wires that have to remain on your desk or nightstand, a Cable Station Pro helps keep them in check.  Able to separate and act as an identifier for up to five cables, this cable holder gives your desk a cleaner look and prevents wires from slipping out of reach.  No need to hesitate and wonder what cable you disconnected or climb under desks and furniture to grab a wire head mid-meeting.

Pocket for Smartphone

Do you often find that you need to set up your phone for a video call when you’re on the go? The Pocket for Smartphone quickly transforms from a collapsible accessory case into a phone stand for when you need to take a call but aren’t at home.

In-Box Cable Box

Instead of sporting the out-of-date look of cords sticking out of your power strip, you can use the In-Box Cable Box to conceal the mess of cables plugged in. Instead of a power strip with cords, you’ll see a sleep, modern box keeping the area looking tidy.

Hopefully, these tips have provided you with some ideas to keep your workspace presentable as many of us learn to live and work in the same space.