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Product description

Binditz simply loop around the bundle with this super stretchy silicon band. Attachable and durable. Each assorted pack contains 3 different sizes that are suitable to organize cable for small kitchen appliances, computer, extension cords, lamp, hair dryer and more.

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attachable cord

Cord wrap hangs on your cable, so it’s always ready to wrap.


No more rubber bands that get easily lost or tear. Binditz are durable cable wraps that are made to stay in place.

durable stretchy

Stretchable yet durable, Binditz can expand to be used for multiple cord types and sizes.

super flex & available in 3 sizes

Binditz come in Small, Medium and Large sizes, allowing you to bundle a wide range of cord sizes and lengths.


size option:

3 Sizes

color option:

Black & white




Material with lots of stretch. Suitable to wrap small to medium grouping of cords.

what's included in the box:


download installation:

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designer notes

How many rubber bands have been misplaced or torn with frequent use? Struggle no longer with the Binditz, the durable and attachable cord organization solution for neatly storing and managing cables and electronic wires. With three different sizes, the portable Binditz cord wrap handles laptop cables, home entertainment systems, extension cords, and so much more with ease! For thinner cables that the Binditz may slip off of, consider the Binditz Mini!