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Reusable multipurpose ties

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Just think of it like a new and improved version of your old rubber bands.  The Q Knot is a reusable, multipurpose tie for bundling multiple objects, organizing various cords, and much more. Each re-sealable bag of Q Knots includes 20 ties in 3 different colors and sizes.

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award-winning original q knot

Reusable cable ties.

super stretchy

The stretchy and durable material to easily organize, bundle, and seal.

strap & done

The stretchable material allows you to easily release, re-tie, and reuse!


size option:

Small, medium, and large

color option:

White (small), turquoise (medium), yellow (large)




3 sizes for small and medium groupings of cords.

what's included:

Small (8pcs), medium (8pcs), large (4pcs) reusable cable ties

designer notes

Reusable organizers are useful for as long as they last, so we decided to make sure our organizers do. Now made with an elastic material, the latest iteration of the Q Knot offers all the functions you’ve come to know and love from the original in a more durable form. Enjoy the flexibility and versatility of these cable tie while knowing they’ll last longer. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when you can improve it.