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Product description

Unleash the power of organization with the Folio MAX, a larger-than-life tech pouch designed to accommodate all your essentials in style. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a creative professional, or just someone who likes to stay prepared, the Folio MAX has you covered with its expansive and purposeful design.

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Smart Design at
Max Capacity!

Despite its larger capacity, this pouch remains sleek and easy to carry, ensuring you can take your tech essentials anywhere. Whether you're commuting, traveling, or shifting creative spaces, the Folio MAX's thoughtful design guarantees effortless portability. Stay organized, stay stylish, and elevate your on-the-go experience with the compact yet spacious Folio MAX.

Tagged and Labeled

Never worry about misplacing your Folio Max. The built-in AirTag™ pocket ensures that you can easily track its whereabouts. Attach your AirTag™, and with a quick glance, you'll know exactly where your tech pouch is.

Room for Everything!

Its spacious design, featuring twelve elastic pockets, four mesh pockets, a zippered pocket, and more, ensures that every cable, gadget, stylus, and delicate item has its dedicated space. Stay organized effortlessly and never compromise on essentials – the Folio MAX accommodates it all, providing a home for every tech accessory and creative tool you rely on. Enjoy the freedom of having everything in its place with the Folio MAX – where ample room meets unmatched organization.

Portability & Storability

Lightweight and sleek, this pouch effortlessly fits into your backpack or luggage, ensuring your essential gadgets are always within reach. Wherever life takes you, the Folio Max's portability is your stylish and convenient solution.

Product Features

Product Features

x2 stylus holders

Securely hold your device styluses and writing implements.

AirTag™ pocket

Find your pouch anytime! Designed to hold Apple AirTag™. (AirTag™ Not Included)

x12 elastic pockets

A total of twelve slots to organize and secure all your cables and more.

zippered pocket

Keep delicate items and small gadgets safely in place.

x4 mesh pockets

Two zippered and two elastic, stretchy pockets for items of different shapes and sizes.

4 elastic band slots

Conveniently store and easily access belongings in these slots.

notepad pocket

Carry your notebook or e-reader everywhere you go!

spine label

Includes a pocket along the spine for labeling.