Now, an easier way to guide cords.

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Nail-free cord clips

Easy to Stick Application

D-Wings Cord Control is an easy cord organizer to hold and guide loose cords across any flat surfaces such as walls or desks. Simply peel, stick, and stay.

Suitable for all cord types

Use it for audio/visual cords, chargers, lighting cords, power cables, holiday lights, the list goes on!

Keep cords out of the way and away from the floor

Easy to fit around corners

Guide and hold around corners, edges, or curves. Use it on flat surfaces like walls or desks to holds cords in place.

Easily paintable

D-Wings are paintable to match with any decor or wall color.


  • (1) Wipe clean and dry area of wall.
  • (2)Press down gently to open the slit.
  • (3)Peel off tape liner and stick on a clean and flat surface.
  • (4)Press D-Wings firmly for 30 seconds.
  • (5)Wait 15 minutes before inserting cords for best results.

DIY Rating

Technical Specs

Comes with:

Double-Sided Foam Tape

Color Options:

  • White (paintable)
  • Black

Size Options:

  • 0.375 in (small)
  • 0.5 in (large)


  • PET Recyclable Sealed Bags
  • Blister Packs

Our Story

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cable clip without the nail or screw holes? What if we want to clip cords on surfaces we cannot or do not want to nail like glass, concrete walls, or wooden furniture? We built the concept of D-Wings to solve this issue one simple solution: a cable management clip to route and guide cords on surfaces using a 3M foam tape that sticks well and removes clean. D-Wings can hold chargers on night stand or guide cables behind TV entertainment centers. It is a small tool with big uses. Simply peel, stick, and stay.