Travel Bundle II

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For some, leaving the house means taking your tech, the chargers, and an entire array of accessories with you.  Don’t worry; we get it and have just the bundle to handle all the gear that might need a bit of organizing and protection along the way.

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When you’re hoping to pack more than the usual earphones and chargers, the Pocket for Gadget can handle power banks, travel cameras, and even miniature quadcopter accessories. It ensures that everything stored remains safe to give you peace of mind as you travel. While it provides ample space, this electronics organizer is also designed that easily fit into bags.


The Pocket for Family gives you and your family the storage space needed for everyone's cords, cables, and other tech accessories on the go. Not only will it help you stay organized and keep everything all in one place, but it also makes yours on the go essentials easy to find.


Featuring a snap spring closure and a front zipper pocket, this travel case makes storing your earphones, earbuds, AirPods, chargers, and other electronic accessories quick and easy. And, with its durable canvas exterior and padded interior, your items will be safe from bumps and scratches along the way.