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Buying a new TV and all the related tech for the ultimate viewing experience is exciting, but all the setup and wires that follow may be a little less so.  Don’t worry; with a little help from these organizers in this bundle, you can enjoy what you want on your screen without getting distracted by a lingering cord mess.

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In just a few steps, you can hide and store power strips and messy cables inside this in-box cable management box. Create a tidy environment below your desk, next your computer, or behind your entertainment center and hide all your cords from sight. *Power strip not included.


Cordline is one product that can be used in two ways. It can be used as a small-capacity cord channel to conceal and organize smaller grouping of cords, or it can be converted into a large-capacity cord channel to hide larger grouping of cords on the wall.


The D-Wings hold and guide loose cords across any flat surfaces such as walls or desks. Use it for audio video cords, chargers, lighting cords, power cables, holiday lights and etc. This assorted 18-piece set for cord control includes 12 small and 6 large clips.


Just think of it like a new and improved version of your old rubber bands. The Q Knot is a reusable, multipurpose tie for bundling multiple objects, organizing various cords, and much more. Each re-sealable bag of Q Knots includes 20 ties in 3 different colors and sizes.