Back to School: Tips to Pack for School with UT Wire

As if waking up your kids and getting them ready for school wasn't challenging enough, you also have to make sure they bring everything they need for their classes every day. With all the stuff that school kids have to carry to class nowadays, it will be extremely helpful if you can help them to be more organized and skilled at packing smartly for their classes. And now when more children are bringing smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets to school, it is also very important to teach and remind them how to take proper care of their tech by making sure they are protected and stored well. Our team here at UT Wire recognizes that being a student in these present times also means using mobile devices on the go. We have come up with products that are aimed to make it easier to organize, keep, and bring gadgets essential for school, business, or travel. Here are some great cable management products that are useful for tech-savvy students.

1) Pocket

Listening to your jams on the school bus or doing some research on your smartphone while studying in the library is a part life of almost every student today. That is why it is essential that earphones and chargers are always easily accessible. However, with all the tests and homework, shuffling from one classroom to the next, and club meetings and sports practice, the tendency of kids is to just stuff their gadgets and cables into their bag to save time. However, this practice will eventually result to damaging or losing devices or cords. To make sure your children's electronics and wires are organized, safe, and easily accessible, get them the Pocket earbud cases and charger cases. This cord organizer bag comes in 2 sizes and is accordingly labeled so anyone can properly and quickly keep their earphones or chargers. And it is so easy to use, thanks to its spring closure design. Just pry it open with your hand by gently squeezing the bag, throw in your wires, shove the case into your pocket or backpack, and off you go. You can get Pocket in black, blue, or orange.

2) Flexi Ties

When you have too many wires to handle, you can get tangled in a pretty big mess. And when you are rushing a paper, the last thing you need is to waste minutes untangling the cords of your laptop and cell phone charger, power bank, and earphones. Make sure your kids' wires are organized and neatly stored in their bag by using Flexi Ties. These are soft cushioned twist ties that you can easily wrap around various types of wires. They come in small and large sizes, making them ideal for wrapping earphones or heavy duty extension cords. They come in orange, yellow, pink, blue, gray, and black, adding more color and fun as your child learns about organizing. And because these cord wrappers have soft cushioning, you can bundle cables tightly with a lesser chance of cutting into their insulation. Flexi Ties aren't only great for organizing cords when your children need to bring them to school. They are also perfect for students who want to keep their bedroom and study table free from spaghetti wires. And when there are several individuals sharing a room, such as in a college dorm, Flexi Ties are great for marking which chargers, extension wires, and power cords are yours, avoiding mix ups or the loss of your cables.

3) Q Knot Plus

If you search for cable ties online, one of the top results you will get is zip ties. These cable tie holders are so popular because they can bundle up almost any type of wire. However, they are permanent ties, and if you want to use your cords, you have to cut off the zip ties. This problem was identified by our team here in UT Wire, and to solve this concern, we came up with the Q Knot Plus reusable cable ties. These are made of rubber, and even if they are compact, they are flexible. They are a hybrid of a rubber band and zip tie, and can function as either. And because of their material and structure, you just have to pull the strap gently to tighten, and pull the loop to release. Easy and convenient, especially for younger aged schoolchildren. They are great not just for bundling wires together; you can also use them to tie up bags of chips, packs of bread, a bunch of pens, posters you made for a school dance, and a lot more. Having a pack of these rubber cable ties ready in the backpack will surely be beneficial for your kids. Not to mention the mess of spilled food in bags that you can be saved from.

How to Avoid a Heavy Backpack

Of course, bringing gadgets to school mean putting more stuff in the bag, which will make it heavier. However, this is not good for the one carrying the backpack as it can cause posture and spinal problems. Here are some hacks to prevent overloading a schoolbag. - If the school allows it, go electronic. In most universities and colleges, it is acceptable to use a laptop or tablet in lieu of textbooks or notebooks in the classroom. This helps students since they don't have to haul heavy books every day. - Pack smaller versions. If your child needs to bring grooming items, for example, buy them in travel sizes so they weigh less and take less space too. - Bring only what you need for the day. Check your kids' schedule and help them plan for the next day. This can guide them in packing only the daily essentials. - Maintain an organized and properly packed bag. Train your children to regularly declutter and organize their backpacks so it is easier for them to check if they have everything they need, and to remove anything they don't need. Also, teach them to pack correctly, such as placing heavier items, like books, at the rear compartment so the weight is better supported by their back.