Decorating for Christmas: Tips for Staying Organized

Christmas is around the corner! We can already smell the fresh Christmas tree pine and feel the warmth coming from the fireplace. With the holiday season comes seasonal decorating to get in the jolly spirit. Many families consider their Christmas ornaments and holiday decorations as memorable pieces, holding value to special moments in life. Whether your family is the decorating type or not, a little bit of organizing always helps you declutter in the long run! Organizing holiday decorations makes life easier for those that set up Christmas lights and hang garlands and for those who like to quickly take down their decorations once the holiday season is over.

Hide Power Surge Used for Christmas Lights

One of the best ways to show Christmas cheer is to hang colorful Christmas lights. Before hanging Christmas lights, it’s a good idea to map out a plan and test all lights to ensure each strand is working properly. For the outdoors, start with cleaning your gutters from any debris or dirt before securing the lights. Then, work your way by stringing the lights along the gutter, securing as you go. Once you plug in the lights, don’t forget to take a moment to admire your hard work! Wherever your designated outlet is for your Christmas lights, consider concealing the power surge with an In-Box Cable Box. In just a few quick steps, you can hide and store the excess lighting cable in this user-friendly cable box. Guests visiting during the holiday season won’t even notice it’s there!

Make Cleaning Up Quick and Easy

Perhaps what we all dread after the holiday season passes is the time it takes to clean up and store the decorations. Often, many struggle with organizing these decorations, as it can be a challenge to store any delicate ornaments or displays of odd shapes and sizes.  For the Christmas decorations with cables, proper storage doesn’t have to be a pain. This year, try a wire wrap! A good tool to have on hand is a Speedy Wrap, which comes with a magnetic power and is the quickest and easiest way to wrap cords securely in place. Simply slap and wrap for an efficient clean up.

When wrapping smaller cords, consider a Q Knot Pro. The Q Knot is a reusable tie designed to bundle various cords and other miscellaneous holiday items. These are perfect for wrapping smaller garland or securing a string of lights used on a small artificial christmas tree. Both wire wraps are functional to keep around the house to help make your life easier.

Don’t let the stress of decorating for Christmas stop you and your family from making the best of the season. Holiday organizing doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By practicing these simple steps and making use of these functional tools, you will have the means to clean your house easily from holiday decorations, safely storing them to prepare for the next year. Plus, each product comes with multifunctions, allowing you to make the most out of everyday organization in your home, garage, or shed.