Try UT-Wire's New Desk Cable Management Solutions
If your home or work desk is a chaotic cluster of cables, wires, and cords, you could use an effective desk cable management system. Anywhere there is a desk, there is typically a collection of essential items that require power and that are usually linked to each other via cables. There are often so many wires and cables, that just the addition of a desk lamp is the last straw. As you flounder under your desk, picking through a knot of cords looking for a free outlet, it's understandable if you repeat the mantra, "There's gotta be a better way, there's gotta be a better way!" The good news is that UT Wire has more than one solution to your desk cable management dilemma. The Cable Station 2 and Mini are the first and most logical UT Wire products for the job. Made expressly for organizing desktops, the Cable Stations each have five slots for you to quickly and easily insert cables for power, monitors, keyboards, speakers, or whatever you have hooked to your computer. Plus, you can write on the surface of the Cable Stations to identify the cord that each slot holds.

Desk Cable Management - Ties, Wraps, Concealment

UT Wire has also created an assortment of ties for bundling unruly cords and cables, including the ingenious D-Wings that quickly clip cords together and guide them across your desk or any other surface. Additionally, for those times when the cable or power outlet is located across the room from your computer or TV, UT Wire's Cord Protector and Concealer organizes cords while hiding them from view and also keeping them under cover to eliminate tripping hazards. Whatever your desk cable management challenges are, UT Wire has the solutions to the problem. From bundling to storing, concealing, or mounting, their simple designs are easy to use and will keep your desk organized.