Earbud Holder
If you had an earbud holder, you would always know where your headset was when you needed it. Everyone knows that string-like objects such as the cords on your earbuds have a propensity for knotting when they are jostled, but physicists with a bit of free time on their hands decided to find out why those handy little headsets seem to be perpetually tangled. According to Discover Magazine, the scientists found that jostling earbud cords tends to cause them to form coils. On top of that, the loose end of the cord intertwines through the loops in the coils, resulting in a tangled, knotted mess. Sometimes, people try to keep their earbuds from becoming knotted by wrapping the cord around the device it is connected to. There is more than one problem with that resolution, though. First, most people listen to music, audio books, and other entertainment on their phones, and wrapping earbuds around a phone when you are not using them interferes with the phone's functionality. Second, wrapping earbud cords around any device places stress on the connection, and before long you will need a new set of earbuds.

Earbud Holder is Essential for People Who Ride The Bus and Train

UT Wire has the best answer to the tangled earbud dilemma: the Pocket. It is UT Wire's latest addition to its line of organizing products, and the Pocket is designed to not only keep your earbuds within reach, but to keep them organized and tangle-free when you are not using them. Just stuff your earbuds inside the soft, durable fabric pouch and let the spring closure snap shut. It does not matter where you keep your earbud pocket or how much it gets jostled. Your earbuds will always be handy when you need them and you will never again have to spend time detangling them.