Earphone Case for All Those Who Commute
Organizing on the go is a snap if you have an earphone case for your earbuds. Just cramming them into a jeans or coat pocket or even dropping your earbuds into a purse or pack typically results in a tangled or damaged headset. However, just imagine the convenience a specialized travel case would provide. It would hold your earphones in place, just as they were when you put them inside, and they would be protected from damage, too.

Introducing the Easiest-to-use Earphone Case - The Pocket

The good news is that just such an exceptional case is no longer a wish. UT Wire has made it a reality with the development of the innovative Pocket. One of the things UT Wire does best is recognize and solve universal problems with the gadgets and accessories that have become so indispensable to everyone. Take headphones, for instance. They are an essential accessory that you want to have on hand wherever you go, but it's so inconvenient to transport them. UT Wire's innovative headphone case was designed to bring the convenience back in to taking your earbuds with you wherever you go. Made from durable cloth emblazoned with a picture of earphones and sporting a spring closure, just pinch the Pocket open with one hand and drop your earphones in with the other. Then, let the case snap shut and drop it into your pocket, purse, or pack to always have handy, untangled access to your earbuds. If you know anything about UT Wire, you know that keeping your gadgets organized is their goal. They understand the frustrations that jumbled, knotted cords can cause. That is why UT Wire has designed a selection of organizing solutions. From charger and earphone cases to cord protectors, cord and wire wraps and more, UT wire has the simple designs you'll love for concealing, mounting, storing, bundling, and transporting cables and cords.