Flexible Wire Ties
When it comes to organizing, wire ties do the trick in the office or any room in your home. Though they are terrific for electronics such as computers and the essential peripherals that go with them, a wire organizer comes in handy for any system that has cords, cables, and wires. A peek behind any home entertainment system reveals a rat's nest of wires and cables. Ties will eliminate the embarrassing mess and get it all straightened out and keep them in order.

No Other Wire Ties Work Like UT Wire's Products

Modern kitchens are equipped with a variety of useful gadgets that typically sport electrical cords, making the kitchen an ideal place to employ a wire management system. Tying the cords on various appliances together keeps them from getting in the way or becoming entangled with other appliances. That also applies to the garage or workshop, where the cords on power tools can get out of hand. A tangle of wires is a safety hazard that can be avoided when you tie those wires and cords together to keep them organized and out of the way. When it comes to organizing wires and cords, UT Wire has the simple but innovative solutions that banish knotted and tangled wires from your life forever. You can even take your pick of preferred wire ties. Q Knots are an inventive cross between rubber bands and zip ties and are designed to be reusable, so you can add and remove wires easily from any bundle you create. Flexi Ties are also reusable, and they make it easy to organize and store wires, cords, and cables. Just group the wires together and twist a Flexi Tie around them. Whatever cords and wires you are managing, whether in the office or even at home bundling Christmas lights and extension cords for holiday decorating, UT Wire has the wire ties to keep you organized.