Give Daddy's Garage a Makeover

It's no secret that dads love their garages. It۪s their space to keep all their tools and build things and store things. Perhaps your dad uses the garage for something else, but chances are it's not the most appealing area of the house. Not just because it's not meant to be furnished or look nice like the inside, but it also is probably where lots of knick knacks or old items get stored in addition to all of dads stuff. If you are looking for something nice to do for dad, it may be time to give his garage a makeover. To help you in this endeavor, we have got some great ways to help turn dads garage from a space you'd never want to walk into, into something he'll never want to leave.

Q Knot Pro

The garage is bound to be where you'll find huge stretches of cables lying about in tangled messes. Not only from things like power tools that dad might actually use, but you'll probably also find extension cords and other cables that need to be put away and tidied. This is where the Q Knot Pro comes in. This wire organizer is the perfect solution to keeping cables untangled and cleanly out of the way. No more zip ties as a wire organizer, these reusable cable ties are not only great on the environment, but they're much sturdier to hold cables as well. The Q Knot Pro is also great for other things than as a wire organizer. You can also use them to hold together chains, bags of mulch and other things, making them super versatile. You can purchase them in small, medium or large depending on your needs and they come in green, white or black.

Speedy Wrap

Another great way to organize cables is using our Speedy Wrap, which uses a magnetic locking power to secure and hold your cords in place. These are great for masses of cords like extension cables and even jumper cables. They're nice and sleek looking and are perfect for items dad will be using more frequently because they۪re easy to attach and remove. The heavy duty silicon means it acts as a durable cable protector without fear of breakage. It comes in two sizes and grey and green.

Cord Protector and Concealer

If dad runs any electronics or power items in the garage, there's a good chance the cables are just in a mess on the floor or on the wall. Not only is this ugly, but it also increases the chance of injuring yourself. To solve this problem, purchase wire covers to keep the cables flat and out of the way. These wire covers are perfect because with an easy sticky back, they can attach to any flooring surface. The low profile means they will be kept flat enough so no one will trip on them. This particular cable protector can hold three different cables, perfect for organizing that mess of electrical items. Organizing dad's garage can be simple and a great way to make him happy. All it takes to give this garage a makeover are some simple organizing tactics. It will make a world of difference to its appearance and overall safety.