Have You Used Cord Wraps That Work As Good As UT-Wire's?
Having an organized, put together office is vital for anyone seeking a productive work life. Cord wraps are one of our best selling items, as it binds all of your cords and makes for a more organized, put together home or work office. Take a moment to consider the cords in your office. Between your printer, monitor, power cord, speakers, and phone charger, this makes for a lot of clutter on your desk. Besides the cluttered and disorganized look on your desk, it can also be potentially hazardous. Cord wraps are an easy, inexpensive solution to your disorganized office!

Cord Wraps for Just About Any Situation

How do cord wraps simplify your work life? UT Wire has created wraps to accomplish this task. Both a cord wrapper and spiral wire wrap are two viable solutions to tangled cords on your desktop. UT Wire has cord wraps that provide both full enclosure and partial enclosure. The flexi cable wrap is an easy way to keep your cords separated and organized. Flexi ties are a fun and creative option for folks who want to flex and twist cords easily, with easy removal. Q Knot Pro are reusable ties designed for tighter locking. Not only are they useful in your office, but also your home. Q Knot Pro wraps are perfect for bundling, organizing computer and electronic cords, sealing plastic and paper bags, just to name a few! Our goal is to simplify your life - at home and at work. The reality is that a cluttered office and a cluttered home can lead to a cluttered life. Our goal is to help you get ahead of the curve with cord wraps and cord protectors. No matter what the set up of your home or office, we have cord wraps to keep you organized and feeling good about life.