How Wired is Your Home?
If you're like most of us, your cord and wire organization has much for improvement. TVs, cable cord, TV cord, Xbox, Blu Ray, HDMI, speakers... the list goes on and on. The list also grows as the months/years go by as new "toys" and electronics are hitting the market, more of these end up on the entertainment center, or in the home, adding the the cord, cable, and wire nightmare! We've got some pretty easy and affordable ways to organize your cords and wires, for the home and the office. Once you use one, you'll be back for more. The media has taken to UT Wire like a flash... check out the easiest ways to conceal and manage your cords at UT Wire. UT Wire has some of the newest and innovative products for all your cord organization problems. Weather you're looking for a magnetic speedy cable wrap, or the Pocket, which is graet for mobile cord and cable organization, UT-Wire has the product for you. Check out some of the best cable management and cord organization products you've ever seen.