Keeping under the desk clutter and mess free from power strips & cables
If you work from home you might have a lovely office space that you enjoy, but what about all those cables and cords and nonsense under your desk? This can not only be ugly, but can also be distracting when you۪re trying to work. Apart from anything else, having cables and cords everywhere can also be unsafe, as it has plenty of opportunity to trip you up if your feet get caught in it. These are all reasons why you should embark on some under desk cable management. Under desk cable management is exactly what it sounds like manage that horrible clutter under your desk. By using thing such as extension cord organizers, cable hiders or cable concealers, or even a hiding cable box, there are many ways to keep this under control. In-Box Cable Organizing Box There۪s nothing worse than having a bunch of extension cables and power strips under your desk, but luckily there is a solution to keeping that area totally free from the clutter. A hiding cable box, or an in-box cable management box, is a box that you can dump all of those charging cables or power strips in that has spaces on either side for the cable to feed through. The best part about this is that the top has a flip door so you can manage and deal with all of your cables easily, but still keep them out of side and keep your desk tidy underneath.   Flexi Cable Wrap A form of cable concealer, a Flexi Cable Wrap essentially wraps around a bunch of cables to keep them together and make one seamless line of cables, rather than half a dozen going in every which direction. This flexi cable wrap is made from soft, flexible material and is easy to use, safe and can really improve under-desk clutter. This is the biggest key to under desk cable management.  Q Knot Plus Another version of a cord wrap, the Q Knot Plus is another easy way to keep cables together and nicely organized under your desk. Similar to the flexi cable wrap, this type of cable wrap works similar to a zip tie. Doing any job from tying together pens, cables or even a bag of chips, the Q Knot Plus is very durable and is a perfect addition to clearing up the clutter of cables under your desk. Coming in a variety of colors and sizes, you will be able to use this to bind cables together and keep them from cluttering your whole workspace. Cable clutter is no fun and is very unattractive, so with these cable wraps, cord organizer box and various cable concealers you۪ll be embarking on an under desk cable management strategy that actually works. Clean, clutter-free and seamless, you۪ll be focusing on your work in no time.