Setting up a charging station for all your mobile, tablet devices
Is your surge protector becoming a hideous sight to see? Chargers for various kinds of devices are attached to it and cables are looking tangled and in short, everything is a mess. It's understandable that we have lots of chargers for each of the handheld devices we carry and they do need to be charged every so often. But wouldn't you want to see mobile devices and tablets charging in a very neat manner? The good news is that you can very much do that. The answer lies in what you call a multiple device charging station. It's where you can put all of the cables needed for your devices in a single component so everything looks neat and tidy. Here's how to do that:

#1: Set a space where you want to put your charging station

There are many places where you can set up a device charging station but it's recommended that you place it in an area you always frequent. For instance, you may want it on a shelf in the living room because that's where you hang out most of the time. Or, you might also want to put one on the desk in your room. You could even bring one to your office desk if you wish. The main part is this: find someplace in your home or office that could fit a multi charging station. Once you've got this figured out, you're on your way to better desk cable management or wherever you decide to put your cable hider.

#2: Get a charging station

Although there is always an option to make one yourself, there are readily available solutions that make life much easier for you. We have the In-Box Charging Station for desktop which hides and stores surge protectors so messy cables stay inside the box. This gives you a much more tidy environment on your desk as cords aren't in sight. We also have the Cable Station 2 & Mini which allows for better computer desk cable management  no more messy and tangled cords from your computer, charger, router, monitor, speaker and telephone. With this desktop cable management solution, you can keep a much cleaner space and avoid having to spend a lot of time untangling cords from each other. We live in a digital world, and new devices are just going to pop up at random times. Living in a household with many members also means having multiple devices and hence, multiple chargers. Rather than have one member of the family arguing which charger belongs to whom, why not group one person's chargers in one box and so on? This way, each has their own computer cable management solution or cord management solution. The desk management solutions here at UT Wire are also flexible. Meaning, it's not one you need to change when something new comes along. In fact, you can just put your power strip right into the box to make things neater. So why not get those cords in order right now? We here at UT Wire will be glad to be of assistance with any questions or concerns that you might have.