The BEST Home Cable Management Products
Between cable TV and satellite, televisions, computers, printers, scanners, modems, gaming systems and entertainment centers, the modern home is wired to the hilt and in great need of a home cable management system. In addition to all of the wires and cables that link all those gadgets together, there are also the power cords, and when are the power outlets ever located conveniently close to the electronics you want to plug in? Up until recently, a mass of cords and cables springing from under or behind vital devices in every room was the price that was paid to stay connected and entertained.

Flexible Home Cable Management Products that WORK!

UT Wire saw the problem differently from most. Instead of simply accepting that technology required sacrificing organization, the brand knew there had to be a simple solution. Tackling that dilemma resulted in an entire line of home cable management options for concealing, bundling, storing, and mounting. However you choose to manage the wires and cords in your home, there is a UT Wire product to do the job. For simple storing and bundling, Q Knots, Speedy Wraps, and Flexi Ties are fast and simple to secure around a group of cables. Cord Protector and Concealers, Cord Channels, Cord Lines, and Flexi Cable Wraps are UT Wire's concealing solutions, and some of them are ideal for mounting on the wall to make cables practically invisible. Even the cords in your home office are more efficiently organized with UT Wire's Cable Station 2 and Mini. Aside from managing and organizing wires and cords, the best thing about home cable management products from UT Wire is that anyone can use them. No special skills or tools are required to install them. No complicated instructions to follow. Just simple, straightforward, user-friendly products that help keep your life organized so you can spend more time enjoying it.