The New Approach to Cable Management Solutions
If you are looking for affordable cable management solutions to keep your home or office organized, look no further than the products created by UT Wire. We have a wide selection of cable management products that will solve every organization issues you are having. For most of us, our desktops have the tendency to be untidy and disorganized. Desk cable management is easy. We have various products to help sort and organize your cords. The cord line is a 2 way channel that is perfect for concealing a wall mount, among other things. Our cord channel is the perfect way to conceal cords and make them blend in with the wall. Our cord protector is perfect for your home office or studio, as it can bundle and protect your cords, and can even be stepped on! Finally UT Wire has come up with affordable, easy solutions to keep you organized at home and in the office.

Cable Management Solutions - Removing the Eyesore

Research has shown that d̩ecor and ambiance plays a big role in employee productivity. Lighting has been shown to play a role as well. With the right cable management products, you can ensure that you and your colleagues will work in an environment that is conducive to productivity. Messy and tangled cords in your office are more than just an eye sore. The clutter can also be a potential hazard. With open cords on the floor of your office, coworkers can easily trip over the mess. Managing the cords of your printer, desktop, and cell phone cords has never been easier. Desk cable management is affordable, with so many options for your home or work office. No matter what your concerns are, we have a product to help you. From our cord protector to flexi tie options, we will help you get it right!