What Will You Do With All the New Cords and Wires?

Let's say Christmas is over. Presents have been unwrapped, new TVs, game consoles, radios, home entertainment centers, new PC's and other fun toys for the family. You also start to notice that you see 10X the amount of cords that you had before the festivities began. There are cords sticking out of everywhere, running along the wall, across the carpet, it's one big mess. The cord and wire management time begins now. You've got to wrap this wire with that wire, keep the other wires separated, protect the wires on the ground, and pretty much rearrange the way you had it before all the fun arrived. UT wire understands that everyone needs a VERY EASY way to manage their cords, keeping them out of the way, and good cord organization. That's where our products come into play. 


Christmas Time Cord and Wire Management, Help is on the Way!

We have many cord management products that should help ease the pain and transition from just a few appliances, to many... and the need to keep things safe and organized. The Q Knot Plus is a great solution, it's compact, and reusable cable tie... the perfect way to wrap wires together and at the same time, have an very quick and easy way to unwrap them. We also have the mighty Speedy Wrap, a magnetic cable wrap... very, easy to use and it's wrapped in a flash! We have a few different products to protect the cords, or conceal the cords that you lay next to each other, or along the wall. Our cable wraps and cord protectors work great for cords running up the wall, or laying on the floor. Our products will keep the cords safe, and look good at the same time.

Perfect Stocking Stuffers - Make Sure You're Ready After the Presents are Opened

It doesn't matter what type of cord and wire issue you have this holiday season, UT Wire has the perfect solution for just about any holiday emergency cord management! Take a look at our cable, cord and wire management products online, find a place to purchase, and throw a few in the Stocking this year, or they make a great gift for anyone. Once all the wrapping has settled, the family it playing with their new toys, and the mess appears, you'll be glad you'll have our products on hand!

Happy Holidays to all from UT Wire.