The Perfect Selection of Cord Organizers
You might not have started out needing cord organizers for your home and office electronics, but gadgets have a way of multiplying. Add a DVR here, plug in a printer there and before you know it, the cables, cords, and wires are out of control. At UT Wire, we make cable management solutions that can be implemented easily at any stage to organize the tangled, messy cables that trip you up, gather dust and essentially create chaos behind and around your desk, entertainment center, or anywhere your devices are located. UT Wire started with a simple design for cord organizers that was versatile enough to develop into an entire line of products. For bundling, we have Speedy-Wrap and Flexi Ties that quickly clip around a group of wires to keep them tidy and controlled. Our Q Knots are particularly handy. They are essentially a cross between rubber bands and cable ties. Flexible and reusable, Q Knots come in a range of different sizes and colors and we have even created a heavy duty, weather resistant version that is ideal for handling outdoor jobs in the garden or the tool shed.

Cord Organizers - Cable Ties - Wraps and Much More with UT Wire

We know that sometimes organizing and bundling cords is not enough, and when you need cord organizers that conceal cords and cables as well as manage them, UT Wire has you covered. Try our Flexi Cable Wraps, designed to bundle and hide wires and cords with the capability of expanding so you can add in more as necessary. Alternatively, if you have several cords running across the floor, conceal them collectively inside our Cord Protector and Concealer to create a trip-free zone in any room in your home or office. Once you give one UT Wire cord management solution a try, you are sure to want to try them all.